This is our consortium

The German Association of Property Managers (VDIV Deutschland), the German Business Initiative for Energy Efficiency (DENEFF), the Initiative Wohnungswirtschaft Osteuropa e. V. (IWO) and Funding for Future B. V. (F3) are the partners of the “GREEN Home” project.

The partners’ regions of activity:

The Association of Property Managers Germany e.V. and its regional associations represent around 3,400 companies nationwide that manage 7.6 million apartments with a value of 765 billion Euros. The professional association is a permanent member of the Federal Government’s Housing Council, the Alliance for Affordable Housing and Building, and the Federal Working Group on the Real Estate Industry in Germany (BID). The project management of GREEN Home is in the hands of the VDIV Deutschland e.V.. By establishing and consolidating an active dialog between the stakeholders, the VDIV contributes to the success of energy-efficient refurbishment of condominiums. Living is the new social question of our time - the claim of the VDIV Deutschland e.V. is to stand up for a good balance between apartment owners and tenants. We are committed to creating a suitable political framework for affordable housing and construction, climate protection, property promotion and the further professionalization of the industry as a provider of ideas and multiplier.
The non-profit organisation German Business Initiative Energy Efficiency e.V. was founded in 2010 in Berlin. DENEFF’s goals are to maximise reduction of energy consumption by increasing energy efficiency and to create a suitable regulatory framework. DENEFF’s work is accompanied by a cross-party and cross-stakeholder advisory board made up of members of the Bundestag, the European Parliament, as well as scientific experts and representatives of civil society. DENEFF advocates for effective and ambitious energy efficiency targets and promotes the energy efficiency market by finding user-centered solutions to market barriers. With 20 years of experience in the implementation of energy efficiency strategies in buildings, DENEFF's GREEN Home project aims to develop innovative financing and business models that meet the needs of all relevant stakeholders. DENEFF is convinced: We must take action now so that together we can achieve the goal of a climate-neutral building stock.
The Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe e.V. aims to support a market-based, sustainable, ecologically, and socially viable development of the housing and building sectors in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. The association was founded in 2001 on the initiative of the then Federal Building Ministry and since then pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes. The Initiative Wohnungswirtschaft Osteuropa (IWO) e.V. has been working with homeowners' associations on an international level for over 20 years. The challenges of an energetic refurbishment of WEG buildings are very similar, both in Eastern and Western Europe. It is worthwhile to get to know good examples of our European neighbors and to be inspired for finding solutions for German WEG. The IWO will contribute its own experience as well as its network to GREEN Home and thus promote an exchange between German and international stakeholders.
Funding for Future B.V. was founded in 2014 with the aim of finding solutions to three problems: renovation backlog, energy poverty and climate change. F3 is made up of a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in financing and managing energy efficiency projects. The company’s mission is to stimulate extensive renovations of buildings through innovative financing mechanisms and to offer the owners security, a healthy living environment and comfort. The GREEN Home project strikes at the heart of Funding For Future's mission. Many of the environmental, socioeconomic, and geopolitical problems facing our society are related to the quality and energy consumption of our homes. To solve these problems, all homeowners must invest in energy retrofits of their homes, not only for themselves, but for society as a whole, for this generation and for future generations. To date, existing financial and organizational structures have not led to the pace of retrofits that is needed worldwide - especially for condominiums. We expect GREEN Home to speed things up, and we are trying to contribute to this goal with our Building Energy Efficiency Facilities (BEEFs).

What is our vision and what do we stand for?

Our motivation and the driving force behind our daily work is decarbonization, especially of the building sector in Germany, in order to realize the 1.5 degree limit from the Paris Climate Agreement. The IPCC has made it clear that without rapid action, we will already be beyond the 1.5 degree target by 2030.

Only an energy supply based on energy efficiency and renewable energies and the climate policy goal of a climate-neutral building stock by 2045 will lead to success. The accompanying far-reaching transformation of society must, of course, be designed in a socially acceptable manner and be able to cushion social hardship in order to prevent energy poverty as a result of rising energy costs. GREEN Home develops scientifically sound and practically implementable instruments to level the path towards climate neutrality in the sense of the European Green Deal.


Which central question do we answer?

How can we provide homeowners’ associations with financing instruments that support them in protecting the value of their property, becoming climate neutral and adopting and implementing comprehensive energy efficiency measures?


What is our mission and what do we want to achieve?

Achieving our goal of increasing energy efficiency in WEG buildings is feasible if all industries and stakeholders pull together and participate in the profound change. To achieve this, we are guided by the motto “Only together can we do it!”, which for us is unmistakably centered on cooperative action and exchange. To this end, we bring together stakeholders and experts and work with them to develop useful financing instruments tailored to the needs and requirements of WEG.

You can find our short summary in our brochure:

GREEN Home brochure