Regional Round Table Baden-Württemberg

What motivates and hinders energy refurbishments

Findings from the workshop in Baden-Württemberg

Needs                                                                             Obstacles

Homeowner associations
  • Exchange with neighbors + notice board
  • Good (telephone) accessibility of the property management and the advisory board
  • Quick action by the property management in urgent circumstances
  • Clarification of necessary next steps
  • Reduction of service charges
  • Good understanding of the problem and being taken along
  • Improving the quality of living
  • Include e-mobility and other wishes
  • Experts provide information and consults at the owners’ meeting
Homeowner associations
  • Superficial knowledge, different opinions, lack of willingness to innovate
  • Fear of botched solutions
  • Costs, dirt, noise, duration of renovation –> use of the property
  • Little incentive for low-income households (e.g. elderly widows)
  • House cost increase too high
  • Information documents are lacking and do not raise awareness of the issue
Property management
  • Finding experts with HOA experience
  • Larger supply of general contractors
  • One-Stop Shops
  • Train advisory boards on energy efficiency topics
  • Checklists and information documents suitable for recipients
  • Condominium-appropriate individual roadmaps incl. management, lift, underground parking, fire protection
  • Simplified graphic representation of the role and task of the administration
  • Transparency and compliance with the legal framework
  • Information about funding opportunities
Property management
  • Lack of professional judgment (e.g. analyzing offers by energy counselors)
  • Project management competence: coordination (financing, funding, implementation)
  • Redevelopment-friendly HOA law (e.g. circulation procedure)
  • Lack of knowledge about financing options
  • Convincing co-owners and length of the decision-making process
  • Who does the individual roadmaps for HOAs
  • Obtain three offers (shortage of skilled workers)

Further information

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