Roundtables November/ December 2022 online

The roundtables “Sustainable and future-proof climate protection in German homeowners’ associations” aim to produce realistic and effective approaches to solutions.

Roundtables will bring together key stakeholders for a dialogue on financing energy efficiency in HOA buildings and businesses in Germany to discuss the necessary supportive framework and concrete initiatives and measures. In open, trusting and constructive dialog events between the central actors (HOA management, HOA advisory board representatives, financing and funding, energy services and energy consulting as well as politics), the opportunity is given to ask all open and critical questions and to learn about and take new paths towards climate-neutral building stock.

At the first round of Regional Roundtables in September 2022, a great need was expressed by participants on the topics of financing (HOA loans), challenges of long-term renovation planning (individual renovation roadmap), and custom-fit solutions through contracting. With the aim of reaching suitable ways to achieve more climate protection in the HOA building stock, GREEN Home organizes dialogue initiatives, presents good practices, and develops practical solutions.

How does deep renovationssucceed for HOAs through energy contracting? 

When: 24th of November 2022 (14:00- 17:30)


How does the individual renovation roadmap help my HOA?

When:  29th of November 2022 (14:00- 17:30)


How can deep renovations in HOAs be financed at low risk?

When: 07th of December 2022 (14:00-17:30)


More information will follow shortly!

We look forward to exciting discussions with you and experts from the industry.

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