GREEN Home – The opportunity for a climate-neutral WEG inventory

Motto: Achieving more together!

The GREEN Home consortium is kindly inviting to its newly established energy efficiency panel for homeowner associations at the 30th German Homeowner Administrators’ Day, that will be held on September 7, 2022 at the Estrel hotel in Berlin.

The ambitious national energy efficiency target in the building sector can only be achieved together with homeowners’ associations. Cooperation and a well-developed networks are elementary to advance the energy transition. What is the role of residential real estate management and how can resolutions to increase energy efficiency be promoted and investment decisions supported? We will discuss these topics with you!

We will discuss this together with you and representatives from politics and the fields of financing, subsidies, energy consulting and energy services, HOA management and HOAs.



Panel discussion and workshop



Moderation: Christian Hunziker (freelance Journalist)


Keynote Stefan Moser, Head of Unit DG ENER B3 – Buildings and Products European Commission
Funding Dr. Philipp Tilleßen, Head of Private Customers and Middle-Market Companies KfW
Financing Yvonne Hube, Head of Department Property Management Business DKB Deutsche Kreditbank AG
Energy Efficiency Susann Bollmann, Member of Executive Management and Head of Projects DENEFF e.V.
Management Ingo Wagner, Authorized officer ProLine Marketing & Management für Immobilien GmbH
Homeowner Peter Horowski, Member of Supervisory Board in a HOA in Berlin, Steglitz
Energy Consulting Stefanie Koepsell, Executive board at Deutsches Energieberater-Netzwerk e.V.



Sonnenallee 225

12057 Berlin



7th of September 2022,

Time: 10:30 -12:00



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