Time travel to the year 2045 – Climate-neutral Homeowner Associations

On May 6, our kick-off meeting “Pathways to a Climate-Neutral Residential Building Stock 2045: Energy Efficiency for Homeowners Associations” will take place as part of the Berlin Energy Days!

Together with our guests, we travel into the future.

2045 the HOA portfolio is climate neutral. How did we achieve this? In retrospect, which measures, cooperations and decisions have proven to be good practices?

In preparation for the journey, we will start with a change of perspective: In addition to an impulse from politics, important current challenges and open questions regarding financing and subsidies, energy consulting and renovation planning as well as HOA management will be outlined.

With these questions, we then set out on our journey.

Having arrived in the year 2045, we take a look back.

What has proven to be good practice in refurbishment planning and financing of comprehensive energy efficiency measures in owner associations over the past 23 years?

Unfortunately, registration is no longer possible as all places are already taken. If you are interested in the results, it’s no problem: Just write an email to k.eisfeld@vdiv.de and we will contact you after the Berlin Energy Days with an overview of the results! If you have any questions, ideas or hints, please feel free to contact us!