First meeting of the GREEN Home Advisory Board

Waking up the sleeping giant together!

On Wednesday, March 16th, the first constitutive meeting of the GREEN Home Advisory Board took place.

There is great potential to save energy in Europe and Germany. With the new EU energy performance of buildings directive, the EU Commission has set itself ambitious goals: Buildings should be retrofitted and renovated to be energy-efficient. The course has been set and the momentum must be used. In order to tap the potential, tailor-made financing instruments for homeowners’ associations must be adapted and promoted.

The aim of the advisory board is to pool expertise, promote dialogue between leading stakeholders and, by bringing together experts, to ensure that we start the GREEN Home project exactly where property managers and homeowner associations see their needs. The knowledge gained here should help to support GREEN Home in terms of content in the creation of a new and tailored financing instrument.

Making the building stock climate-neutral by 2045 is a mammoth task. It is only possible to develop financing and business models that establish themselves on the market if all the relevant players pull together.

That is why we are very happy and grateful that the GREEN Home Advisory Board has more than 30 experts with many years of experience and expertise in the areas of (1) finance, access to funding programs and financing, (2) communication and process support, (3) legislation and regulation and (4) building, housing, technology & energy efficiency.

During the online event, in a very productive atmosphere the foundation for successful cooperation with the advisory board was laid. Financiers, homeowner associations and property managers, energy consulting and energy service companies and policy makers – everyone agrees: The time to act is now. The motivation and willingness of the panel of experts for a targeted exchange and for the joint development of solutions are correspondingly high.

The Advisory Board serves the GREEN Home project as a communication medium between the various interest groups (administration, business and consumers) in order to discuss specific issues in the field of energy efficiency. The members of the advisory board also raise questions about the GREEN Home project and discuss both the project results and the policy recommendations.

Various solutions and strategies with requirements for a whole range of target groups were discussed.

After this successful first meeting, we are now working towards the next big date: presenting GREEN Home at the Berlin Energy Days on May 6th. We take the input of the participants of the Advisory Board meeting and will integrate it directly into the presentation in front of the audience.

As Rüdiger Lohse, project manager of DENEFF e.V., notes: The conditions and timing for GREEN Home are ideal, the wind is good, the ship’s sails are set. Let’s do it!